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Disabilities Prevention

Published on AidPage by IDILOGIC on Jun 24, 2005

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Criteria for selecting proposals...

Given the recent competition for State awards in February 2002, it is expected that another competitive announcement will not be issued for State projects for at least 3 years unless additional funds become available in fiscal year 2003. New Research and Information Center projects will not be re-announced and awarded until fiscal year 2003. In these cases, applications are reviewed based on evaluation criteria explicit in the respective Program Announcements. Applications must address demonstrated program need, the magnitude of the problem, the management work plan, collaborative associations, and the approach toward setting and meeting overall project objectives and time frames. These future competitive applications would also be evaluated on the capacity of the applicant to demonstrate effective collaborations with other agencies and data sources critical to preventing secondary conditions, identifying and addressing health promotion needs for persons with disabilities, denoting the capability of the project to address minority and low-income populations in the prevention of secondary conditions, promoting accessibility to all program services for persons with disabilities, and offering sound proposals toward development of surveys and surveillance for useful data bases within outlined targeted disability activities.