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Disabilities Prevention

Published on AidPage by IDILOGIC on Jun 24, 2005

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CDC issued competitive awards in fiscal year 2002 for 16 State disability and health cooperative agreements and will issue continuation awards to 12 research project grants and three information/resource centers to address the prevention of secondary conditions and health promotion for persons with disabilities. State capacity cooperative agreements: These awards are providing financial assistance to: 1) Establish and/or sustain State offices of disability and health to promote the visibility of preventing secondary conditions as a State public health priority, and serve as a technical assistance resource and statewide focus for the prevention of secondary conditions; 2) support an advisory function to coordinate and provide policy and program direction guidance in the State; 3) develop and/or implement a State strategic plan or policy instrument for health promotion for persons with disabilities; 4) establish and implement university partnerships to support and complement State project activities; 5) maintain and refine prescribed public health surveillance or survey activities for disability domains of mobility, personal care, communications, and learning in order to implement prevention efforts and program evaluation activities; 6) provide technical assistance to communities; and 7) promote education and health promotion programs for persons with disabilities, conduct training of health professionals, and facilitate access to services for persons with disabilities. Research project grants: Financial assistance under this program is being used to: 1) Implement and evaluate programs to identify and quantify preventable secondary conditions within disability domains which include physical, medical, cognitive, emotional, and/or psychosocial conditions and their prevention; 2) determine the risk and protective factors in specified populations of persons who have a disability; 3) measure the effectiveness and costs of preventive interventions; and 4) develop measurements of the environment that can facilitate or hinder access to participation for persons with a disability. National Limb Loss Information Center Cooperative Agreements: Financial assistance has been awarded to operate a national clearinghouse to provide educational material and self-help guidance to persons with limb loss and their families, and develop a peer visitation training initiative for the conduct of education and training sessions in hospitals, rehabilitation facilities, and support groups. The National Center on Physical Activity and Disability provides multiple sources of information and references on a vast array of inquiries on exercise, fitness and health promotion activities. In these cases, project funds may not be used to supplant State, local, or institutional funds available for these activities, or for construction costs, or to purchase facilities or space. Grantees may enter into contracts as necessary to help achieve the objectives of their respective programs. In late FY 2001, CDC provided funds to establish and operate a national resource center for persons with paralysis which will receive continuation funding in FY 2002.